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Top 3 Website Where You Will Get Free Online Colleges

Are you looking for a tuition free university?

Below are some of the top 3 websites where you can find free online colleges. On these websites, you will find thousands of free online courses offered by reputable learning institutions in the world.

Examples of universities that offer massive open online courses through these websites include:

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Harvard University
• Berkeley University of California
• The University of Texas System
• Boston University, among others.

1. edX Free Online Courses

This is one of the largest platforms for free online colleges in the world.

Through its partners, edX programs cover a range of online courses such as marketing, computer science, sociology, entrepreneurship, web design, etc.

You can also receive an instructor signed certificate that has the institution’s logo.

2. Access Free Online Courses at Coursera

There are thousands of free online courses from reputable universities across the world. On Coursera website, you will find over 2,000 courses.

Students who sign up on this website can access programs from about 149 free online colleges.

Like the edX, it is upon each college or university to determine the scope of their online course. You can search for an online course per university or depending on the subject it covers.

3. Lynda Free Online Courses

Lynda offers an intuitive online learning interface for its clients. With a reasonable subscription, Lynda can help you achieve both personal and professional goals through their flexible membership.

It offers many free online tutorials on areas such as photography, business, design, software development, etc.

Apart from these three websites, you can also do a random search online to get more free online colleges. For example, when you use the search term such as “free online courses”, the result will be as follows:

Search result from Bing

You can then browse through these to get a suitable free online course.

Even as you go through this search, remember to enroll for programs from reputable institutions only.

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