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What are the Key Features of Free Online College Courses?

There are many free online college courses available on the internet. Simply browse through the free online courses to see every detail of the course such as:

• Institution that Offers the Free Online Course

First, you must consider the institution that offers the course. As a rule of thumb, go for reputable learning institutions such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, etc.

• Tuition Fee

These courses are free, however at times you may pay a certain amount of money to get a certificate.

With the verified certificate, the document will have both the instructor’s signature and institution’s logo. You can download it.

• What You Will Cover in the Free Online College Courses?

In this section, there will be a list of every aspect the course covers. The content of the course will depend on the level of study.

For instance, an introductory online course will cover an overview of the subject matter. So, you should expect a course content that you can cover within a few weeks – maybe 5 to 6 weeks.

• Language

There are some free online college courses available in more than one language. It is the instructors who will choose a suitable language for their course.

• Course Instructors

Depending on the complexity of the subject matter, free online college courses may have more than one instructor.

So, when you are evaluating instructors, ensure they are:

• Approved staff of the institution that offers the course
• Qualified by verifying their level of education. Mostly, instructors will indicate their official name, level of education and their role in that department.

This information is critical since it is from here that you can tell whether the course is consistent with your goals or not.

Most of these free online programs are self-paced. However, there are those that have specific time when they are open to the public/commence.

So, basically, you should do a comprehensive research before enrolling for any online course.

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